ATS Backhand Blow Kharkov '43

ATS Backhand Blow Kharkov '43
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    KHARKOV, UKRAINE, 12 March 1943: As the German Army fell back from its defeat at Stalingrad the Russians threatened the entire eastern front unless they were stopped. General Feldmarschall Erich von Manstein, commander of Army Group Don, requested reinforcements and was sent Paul Hausser in command of the SS Panzer Corps. One of the units of these reinforcements was the LSSAH, which was thrown into the line defending Kharkov. Attacking them were the hundreds of T-34s of the Southeast Front, composed of a number of Soviet armored army-sized formations, which continued to move west, slicing through the vast plains of the Ukraine, finally reaching a force that would stand and fight. The SS clashed with the Russians on the 8th of February, 1943. The 1st SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment, fighting alongside I/1st SS Panzer Regiment, halted the Soviet juggernaut at the village of Merefa. Still, the Soviets disregarded their heavy losses and pushed the SS back into Kharkov proper. Envisioning another Stalingrad-like encirclement and destruction, Hausser ignored Hitler’s orders to hold the city at all costs and withdrew to the southwest while continuing to fight delaying actions. Hausser, having disobeyed Hitler, needed to take back Kharkov and with the support of von Manstein on 2 March the LSSAH was formed into three Kampfgruppen which would attack into and capture Kharkov.

    During the year 1976 a ground-breaking tactical-level game called “TOBRUKTM” was released. The brainchild of designer Hal Hock, it quickly broke new ground. Years later it was the inspiration behind a new and much-expanded system. That all happened with the publication of ADVANCED TOBRUKTM in 2002. One ‘Best of’ award nomination later ... and a lot of hard work by the publisher and enthusiasts ... and ATS 2014 was in print in the form of color rules set and play aids.
    Prior to the release of ATS 2014, a TT Kharkov module was the only one available for system enthusiasts. That’s all changed now with ATS BACKHAND BLOW ‘43—a new release that features full-size ATS counters in the 5/8” Personnel and 3/4” AFVs enthusiasts clamored for. What’s more, the map is expanded—a hex size that is befitting the subject matter—and close-in nature of the urban warfare depicted.

    The module includes two sheets of 176 5/8” die-cut German and Russian Personnel and Weapon counters, plus a sheet of 108 AFV/VEHICLES in 3/4” size, a total of 460 counters in all—everything you need to play (just bring your standard ATS markers). You also receive 10 scenarios (all playable on the map provided) in color format, and color Battlefield WalkaroundTM special rules in 3-hole format. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME! Ownership of the ATS 2014 rulebook and play aids plus standard system small and large marker counters is required (plus one or more 10-sided dice).