ATS Desperate Hours: Battle at Kesternich

ATS Desperate Hours: Battle at Kesternich
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    KESTERNICH, BELGIUM, 14 December 1944: The First Battle for Kesternich took place from December 14 to 16, 1944. This battle pitted the 2nd Battalion of the 309th Infantry Regiment and the 2nd Battalion of the 310th Infantry Regiment of the 78th Infantry Division against units from the 272nd Volksgrenadier Division, including elements of the 326th Volksgrenadier Division. This attack was part of a greater attack by the First Army's V Corps in an effort to capture the Roer River Dams that included the 78th Infantry Division as well as the 2nd Infantry Division to the south. The attack by the 78th Division interrupted Hitler's plans for the north shoulder of the Bulge.

    The recent release of Battle of the Twin Villages got your boots into the snow. Now you're going to have to sslog forward, if you are the Volksgrenadier player .. or hold on ... if the Americans. Because the dates are 14-216 December 1944. And that means the height of ferocity of Hitler's last gamble, aka 'Wacht Am Rhein' has been unleashed. And every village, every road crossing, where a stand is made can make the difference between a drive to Antwerp, or a final, crushing blow to the tyrant's dreams as he hunkers in his lair. As all good tactical-level gamers know, the decision was always decided on the ground, at the sharp end ... by individual soldiers and squads. To that end, we bring you ATS DESPERATE HOURS: First Battle for Kesternich, a brand new historical module with never before published WINTERIZED map and scenarios > what's more, to make things easy for you to get YOUR boots on the ground, a set combat countersin ALL NEW OLIVE DRAB!

    Just bring your ATS Rulebook 2014 and system markers > and you are ready to stand ... or smash through as this is a showdown between the 78th Infantry Division and the 272nd Volksgrenadiers ... and only one side will stand ... or fall.

    NOTE: THIS IS A VERY LIMITED PRINT RUN AND YOUR COPY IS BEING CREATED AS A SPECIAL ORDER JUST FOR YOU. To that end please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery or when the module is completed > your payment locks in your copy. You have the assurance of 22 years of publishing and our thanks for supporting the creativity of your fellow hobbyists!