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    KANNE, BELGIUM, 10 May 1940: Sturmgruppe Eisen's main objective was the capture of the bridge crossing the Albert Canal in the village of Kanne. Five gliders landed on the plateau nearby the PC commanding strongpoints "C", "D" and "J". Attacked by the near with machine-pistols and grenades, the PC only gave a brief resistance then the paratroopers quickly dispatched the squads in the portion of "C" north of the sunken road. Victory was just seconds away went the bridge blew up. The 15 minutes delay taken by Sturmgruppe Eisen since Sturmgruppe Granit had started landing on the nearby Fortress, had allowed the Belgian command sufficient time to send firm orders to destroy the bridge. The men in the Communication bunker were then captured or killed, ending the initial phase of the attack.

    Can you say 'Belgium'? As it seems that this tiny, war-torn nation is gettng the lion's share of attention in the new Historical modules > with the Hindenburg Line, Kesternich, and here with the new ATS KAMPFGRUPPE EISEN. One of the prettiest and most interesting maps is at the very heart of this brand new module ... the winding Albert Canal, the bridge at Kanne, and the glider landing in less then ideal conditions. In addition to the brand new historical map and new set of counters, ALL the combat counters you need to play ... are included. All 8 scenarios play on the map ... one we suspect you might find the most interesting, combat terrain-wise, of any historical module to date.

    Ownership of your ATS Rulebook 2014 and system markers is required. A collection of combat counters is provided.

    NOTE: THIS IS A VERY LIMITED PRINT RUN AND YOUR COPY IS BEING CREATED AS A SPECIAL ORDER JUST FOR YOU. To that end please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery or when the module is completed > your payment locks in your copy. You have the assurance of 22 years of publishing and our thanks for supporting the creativity of your fellow hobbyists! Note that the map on the web image shown is a placeholder, the finished map will be as expected, and rather nice!