ATS Hindenburg Line

ATS Hindenburg Line
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    VIERSTRAAT RIDGE, BELGIUM, 2 SEPTEMBER 1918: The Hindenburg Line was originally organized for defense toward the end of the year 1916, and work was continuous in its preparation for a long time thereafter. The Siegfried Line makes full use, along extended stretches, of the front line of defense accorded by the Bellicourt-St. Quentin Canal. The strength of these defenses, increased as it is by inundated areas, provided extensivee mutual flanking fire support. Good artillery observation rendered the line very strong. The Siegfried Line is considered to create the most favorable conditions for a stubborn defense by a minimum garrison. It is therefore adapated to the requirements of obstinate close combat.

    GWATS has created a lodgement, we'd call it a beachhead, but too early in the history of warfare. We'd call it a bridgehead, but again, too soon. So lodgement will have to do. But do it will as you were promised a return in kind for YOUR support of the Great War mission. Time to pay the piper, or release the homing pigeons as it may be. We're proud to bring you the first GWATS Historical Module, HINDENBURG LINE. It is no accident that the boys from the 27th 'New York' Division are first up in what will be a growing collection. And it is no accident that the publisher's propensity for spending years haunting collection, archives, old dusty barns (Copper Fox Farm George > thank you for all your postcards!) -- collecting unique unit histories and After Action Reports of the kind that are not avaiable on the internet.

    Like all historical modules the aim is to provide you a new, detailed battefield. Unlike efforts by others, the aim to make a unique GWASL experience means no 'menus' and all that, instead you get the men and weapons, the ground, and they are set loose at their start lines to fight ... and fight continuously with new men fed in ... and every yard fought over bitterly until one side or the other ... or both ... are exhausted. Or dead.

    Ownership of GWATS 1 (Germans) and GWATS 3 (Americans) are required, as is your ATS Rulebook 2014. All the other combat counters needed to play are provided. There are exactly zero historical modules like it ... but the Yanks are coming ... for YOU.

    NOTE: THIS IS A VERY LIMITED PRINT RUN AND YOUR COPY IS BEING CREATED AS A SPECIAL ORDER JUST FOR YOU. To that end please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery or when the module is completed > your payment locks in your copy. You have the assurance of 22 years of publishing and our thanks for supporting the creativity of your fellow hobbyists! Note that the map on the web image shown is a placeholder, the finished map will be as expected, and rather nice!