ATS Iwo Jima: Hill 362A

ATS Iwo Jima: Hill 362A
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    ATS is hitting the PACIFIC beaches HARD ... in a new release cycle with products aimed at owners of ATS LEATHERNECK 1.

    Hill 362 A, Iwo Jima, 3 March 1945: Marine armored dozers were available across the battlefield, were in constant demand and were moved from one hot spot to another. Usually escorted by a full platoon to ensure its security from enemy sappers and tank hunter-killer teams, at one point a Corporal by the name of Daniels had to escort some dozers with a handful of battle-weary Marines. The Marine soldiers knew the duty drew an inordinate amount of enemy artillery fire, as well as Japanese tank-hunting teams. Daniels was detailed to escort a dozer team forward through a previously secured area when the Japanese attacked. Swarmed by enemy soldiers carrying demolitions charges, Daniels had to call for help. After help arrived and the situation stabilized and Daniels recalled one Japanese soldier emerging from a cave carrying an artillery shell and a hammer. The enemy soldier had been given a heavy shell and he could not move very fast. Undeterred, the man stumbled over rocks and debris, picking up the shell multiple times after dropping it, and moving forward only to fall again. Daniels could hear his BAR man laugh at the macabre scene. Moments later the persistent Japanese soldier was cut down in a hail of Marine bullets

    This is ATS IWO JIMA: HILL 362A, an ATS module that brings the fighting at Iwo Jima to your gaming table. Ownership of AT Leatherneck 1 is required, just bring your ATS Rulebook 2014 and system markers.