ATS The Fox Strikes Back: Ruweisat Ridge Extended Map Edition

ATS The Fox Strikes Back: Ruweisat Ridge Extended Map Edition
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    Ruweisat Ridge, EL AMAMEIN, EGYPT, 16 July 1942: After the swirling melee of 15 July, Rommel and the DAK made a determined effort to regain the lost ground on Ruweisat Ridge on the 16th. Gathering his remaining mobile am10r, he sent them east-ward again. This attack met determined resistance. The concentrated fire of British corps artillery was brought to bear with devastating effect. Fire from 6-pounder anti-tank guns picked off one tank after another. Rommel was forced to call off the attack and withdraw, leaving behind 24 tanks, including a captured Stuart, six armored cars, six 88mm guns, ten other anti-tank guns and ten field guns. Rommel summed up the situation on 17 July as follows: ‘On that day every last German reserve had to be thrown in. Our forces were now so small in comparison to the British that we were going to count ourselves lucky if we managed to go on holding our line at all. As a result of the immense casualties which the Italians had suffered our line was very thinly manned ...We had virtually no reserves.’ The blows to the DAK during the fighting on July 15 had been telling. The failure of the last ditch effort on the 16th led Bayerlein to later acknowledge, ‘When Rommel lost Tel el Eisa and Ruweisat, he and all of us knew we were lost.’

    With the expansion of our presentation of the war in North Africa, it was high time that the seminal, and first historical module set on the hot sands ... re-entered the fray with the largest map, including more map area than any other edition or game out there at this level. Enter historical ATS THE FOX STRIKES BACK: The Battle of First Alamein at Ruweisat Ridge - EXTENDED MAP EDITION. That's a mouthful, but it's also a chance to experience longer range engagments, and add places like 'Stuka Wadi' to the battlefield sites YOU have fought over ... and won ... or lost. But in either case EXPERIENCED as that is what it's all about and always has been. This new edition includes 8 scenarios, remastered to fit the larger battle area -- with OOB additions, plus the new, EXTENDED MAP with the new desert terrain and standard size hexes, plus color-themed scenario editions, new BW special rules, and a sheet of El Alamein BONUS color die-cut AFV coounters!

    Your ATS Rulebook 2014 + ADVANCED TOBRUK 2016 required to play. SHIPS IMMEDIATELY.