ATS Desert Fox 1941 Action

ATS Desert Fox 1941 Action
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    We're pretty sure you've hammered out the original TOBRUK scenarios in their previous form. It has been, what, over a dozen years? But the Desert Fox wants to break out of the bottleneck, no matter what his 'orders' are ... and what Allied intelligence is expecting. And break out he will .. with a set of 12 brand new scenarios set during the burgeoning offensive of early 1941 ... when Erwin Rommel first served notice on military history that the legendary 'Desert Fox' was on the move in the Western Desert.

    COMPONENT-WISE: The new presentation provides 6 copies of the new desert folding mapboard. Think back to the map panels in the original TOBRUK, but six of them instead of 3 ... and printed using the current geo-board stock, art presentation. That's almost 50% more playable map area than the original ADVANCED TOBRUK single mapsheet. Now add a complete collection of ATS color die-cut counters IN KING SIZE ... that's the 3/4" AFV you love, plus 5/8" Personnel, and ½" markers. Include LARGE FORMAT AFV Cards in 4" × 3.25" size, a new desert-theme colored set of system play aids and a brand new set of color overlays to trim out. and you need only bring your ATS Rulebook, standard system markers and two ten-sided dice and you are ready to roll toward Mechili.

    BRITISH/GERMAN/ITALIANS: They are all in there with new art featured, AFVs in desert camo, and all the counters you need to play including a new set of desert-themed markers that will make things more fun AND more realistic, and not provided in any previous edition. This is a MONSTER collection of desert gear and you can count on your support for ATS DESERT FOX being matched by new editions of the desert expansion packs, keyed to play with the new format. New soldier art is being created as we speak and as samples come up they will be posted here.

    PRESENTATION NOTES: The new STANDARD ATS LARGE SIZE counters in the game retain the TT ammunition information to make play faster and easier. You can refer to the AFV Cards or the counters. Random ammunuition depletion, the expanded MG model with Grazing and Traversing Fire ... are all part of the action ... making the game play new and different than the previous generation. All the good things remain, plus the enhancements, and the rulebook is as stable as any on the market for a complete system that allows you to model anything at all ... from one man crawling out of a slit trench to lob a grenade to a platoon of tanks charging across the desert, Blazing Chariots style ... kicking up dust as they come ever closer ... and closer ... leading to a group morale check that may just convert a company of feather-plumed Bersaglieri into a group surrendering mob.