CWATS Devil's Den

CWATS Devil's Den
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    This is GETTYSBURG: DEVIL's DEN for ATS. With all the time you waited for GB:TP1863—it just didn't seem right to promise you 'future modules'. The future is NOW. The place is the infamous Devil's Den and Little Round top battlefields. The action is INTENSE. You receive a study-pack of 5 additional scenarios (that is the 'just right' amount for students of this battle—you need to spend many hours on each) + a new historical map of the battlefield with LARGE HEXES to make getting into it even more enjoyable. We're not 'married' to some 'official' hex size—we get you the largest hex per map based on overally dimensions.


    • > A brand new counter sheet with more Civil War counters -- 176 in all!
    • > The counters includ many named historical leaders!
    • > A brand new large hex board style Devil's Den map with new art
    • > A set of COLOR scenarios that all play on the Devil's Den map
    • > Color wrap packaging