ATS Band of Brothers in Normandy '44

ATS Band of Brothers in Normandy '44
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    ATS BAND OF BROTHERS NORMANDY: The action is instense and just-right in terms of piece density -- like a chess match among the hedgerows. This brand ATS module features an enlarged DZ map depicting the terrain common to the Normandy battlefield. The new map is colorful and uses the new lay-flat, hard boards, plus 6 scenarios and all the combat counters you need, just bring your ATS rules/play aids/markers. Playable with any ATS rulebook edition 4.x.


    • 6 scenarios set on the map plus Battlefield Walkaround in 3-hole format for your binder
    • DZII map (shown) in hard board format
    • German and American Personnel counters sheets + required AFV/H Weapons to play the scenarios
    • AFV Cards to trim out