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    ATSers have long been waiting for the popular BASIC GAME 1 series to get rolling again .. and this here be some rolling! BASTOGNE.. or BUST! is a COMPLETE GAME - just bring one or more ten sided dice and you might want to keep your feet warm!

    See, the affair is set during the infamous Winter of the Battle of the Bulge. It's an all-infantry, MG, light mortars affair and all the combatants are in their best winter gear. You get rules, charts, and a large hex 24" × 18" battlefield PLUS all the counters you need to play. That means one 5" × 8" sheet of Bulge Germans  another of Bulge Americans + another of the latest ATS Retro ½" markers PLUS a FREE bonus, 88 ATS American Bulge Inf and L Weapons Christmas special sheet. We think you'll agree the new MG art is the best in the system to date ...

    .. but the important thing is whether you are an ATS VETERAN or green recruit -- you can get playing this impulse-based, chess like system in one sitting. Move. Counter move. DIsaster! All in large hexes on a winterized map.

    Includes four 5" × 8" sheets of color die cut counters, color folio, 24" × 18" large hex board, ATS Basic Game 1a rules that are new to this module and 4 scenarios that play using the materials.