ATS Stalingrad Basic Game I ALL NEW!

ATS Stalingrad Basic Game I ALL NEW!
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    WELCOME TO ATS STALINGRAD BASIC GAME I. A fast-playing and straightforward way to get into the ATS system, nominated for Board Wargame of the Year and still growing and going strong. Everything you need to play is included, just bring a 10-sided die. You get 176 color, die-cut counters depicting German and Russian soldiers, officers, NCOs, and weapons + 140 small marker counters; 316 counters in all! You also get ‘the battlefield’, a 4-board map with LARGE hexes, depicting Stalingrad—what better place to hone your skills. What’s more, while it’s all here for the beginner, this product is also perfect for the experienced ATSer, as all the materials are BRAND NEW, never published, and ready for a higher level player to use to test his or her skills!

    THIS IS A COMPLETE GAME! All you need is a 10 sided die and an interest in World War II history to play.