ATS Berlin 1 Uber Monster

ATS Berlin 1 Uber Monster
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    ATS Berlin 1 - HUGE MONSTER Edition: Crazy, big, massive, enlarged, and unprecedented. Those would be terms one could use to describe the Battle of Berlin. You might also want to trot them out for a description of this new edition of Berlin I, an unusual and unique gaming experience-the first truly large hex city fight. What you get is an enlarged (check our site for actual dimensions, it aims at as Deluxe as can be considering the huge scale of this battlefield) game map using the new lay-flat, hard boards. It's just mind-blowing to look at, the expanse. You also receive the scenario collection in latest editions in color + new color rules pages in 3-hole, the new presentation. Bring your own counters from any edition or purchase the ATS BERLIN COUNTER SET now available.


    • A full set of 15 BERLIN I scenarios in color format
    • All new map board set, GIANT style enlarged
    • 3-hole punch version of the latest edition of the rules
    • Reichstag Play Aid on card in color