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    Near ALAM HALFA, EL ALAMEIN, EGYPT, 31 August 1942: Following a night of disaster among the British minefields Rommel considered breaking off the attack. Instead, he ordered that the enemy positions should be taken head on and smashed through. The concept of the operation pointed up how desperate Rommel had become—or how much he understood that chances of a successful outcome had dwindled—forcing his hand into one last low-odds chance. Rommel’s choice, a frontal assault on well-fortified enemy positions, was reminiscent of the clouded judgement he exhibited during his first attacks on Tobruk when the Desert Fox was driven by emotion. On 31st August a fierce sandstorm brewed up, grounding the dreaded RAF. The sandstorm seemed fortuitous for Rommel, as the 15th Panzer Division’s 8th Panzer Regiment moved out. Despite penetrating the farthest, the 8th Panzer Regiment could not break through the Alam Halfa position. Both the 2nd and 7th Battalions of the Rifle Brigade, from the 7th Motor Brigade, had been tasked with watching the minefields to prevent any advance, even a minor incursion. In the event of a full-blown offensive, they were to withdraw. Accordingly, when Rommel’s attack came, the Riflemen pulled back, after, according to the official history of the 7th Armoured Division, “inflicting considerable losses”. The official history went on to state, “...they watched the Rifle Brigade’s 6-pounder anti-tank guns knock out about a dozen German tanks... and the supporting armoured regiment account for another twenty or so.”

    What started it all is NEW again and then some! ADVANCED TOBRUK, nominated for 'Board Wargame of the Year' is getting its first makeover in over a DOZEN YEARS and things are heating up in the desert ... the war is breathing again outside of Agedabia ... and breathing new life into Erwin Rommel's quest, the Desert Rats, Beda Fomm and so much more!

    ALL new counters with camo galore to go with desert sand! New maps with the LARGEST HEXES IN THE HISTORY OF THE SYSTEM in a completely scalable game set that can be expanded literally into infiinity. New overlays to go along with the set, new color AFV Cards, wrecks on the back of all vehicles, all in 3/4" size, all scenarios re-done for the new materials and in COLOR > plus new play aids in desert themed colors, folding > ready for ACTION!

    EACH NEW ADVANCED TOBRUK 2016 EXPANSION COMPLETELY REMASTERS old situations and presents them - along with a batch of new AFVs in every expansion > on color scenairo cards using the new boards and overlays, plus NEW play action.

    TOBRUK 2016 EXPANSION 5: EL ALAMEIN includes 12 scenarios in color format, a selection of new AFV counters in the new colorway, including Crusader III, Sherman II, Sherman III, Deacon, Hurrican IID, and more -- including new camo schemes! Each new AFV type also includes a new, matching AFV Card in the TOBRUK 2016 format!