ACROSS the Aller 1: 1945

ACROSS the Aller 1: 1945
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    CH's tribute to the same battles covered by TOT 2 is aimed at giving you everything they did ... and more. More counters (hundreds and hundreds more, in color), more geo boards (compared to: 0), color scenarios, and a color cardstock folder-style wrap. New color military art throughout. Kreigsmarine-badged MMCs. 'German' colored Waffen SS (not black). New AFVs and Guns. New aircraft. New terrain. The tribute comes in the way of a scenario-for-scenario history, same originating book ("No Triumphant Return"). THIS IS AN ALL NEW PRODUCT AND IS NOT A REPRINT OF TOT 2.

    There are a few things you will NOT get in our rendition of this history for ASLers. No4 point type whatsoever—none of us are getting any younger!—on the scenario cards. Historical summaries are concise, as are SSRs. The hobby has come a long way since then, more rules are in the ASLRB, standard (e.g., Village Terrain [B31.] among other concepts). Overlays are not needed—as our production capabilities allow for the provision of new AP-style geomorphic boards—depicing the Aller River, the 'railroad embankment' and more. The new counters provide Ungarisch units in German colors, and other new counters that obviate the need for SSR-treatments. Old geo board are replaced, and a complete collection of color combat counters is provided if you own both sets—just bring your markers.

    ACROSS THE ALLER 1 focuses on the Germans—with a sheet of new color die-cut MMC/SMC/SW counters (280 ½ counters), a sheet of 5/8" counters, Chapter H notes, and the first 10 scenarios of the collection (all in color format). You also receive color wrap packaging on heavy stock, and 3 new geomorphic boards in the new AP-style treatment (compatible with all system geo boards).


    • > 2 color die cut counter sheets (1 × 280 MMC/SMC/Sw + 1 × 179 AFV/Gun)
    • > 10 scenarios in color format
    • > Special Rules/Chapter H notes in color 3-hole format
    • > 3 Geo Boards in AP-style on heavy stock
    • > Color folder-style wrap on heavy stock