ASLComp Drive to the Volga 4: Hoth's Way

ASLComp Drive to the Volga 4: Hoth's Way
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    This is ASLComp Drive to the Volga 4: Stalingrad SÜD 2 - that ***links directly to*** VOLGA 4: STALINGRAD SÜD 2 to form the largest, without further ado as the series moves forward - Stalingrad tactical-level battlefield at this scale. That means the action continues south to the 'Leopard" Gorge, the Minin's Worker Settlements, and encompasses the Elektroles 25 October Power Plant, in Southern Stalingrad.

    Includes a new map, keyed to the VOLGA series with matching terrain art style + scenarios and special rules. Requires ownership of the ASLRB, German and Russian Nationalities and ASLComp VOLGA 3 for scenarios using the linked maps.