ASLComp Vikings of the Steppe

ASLComp Vikings of the Steppe
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    The German push to the oil fields in the Caucausus was slowing running out of steam as Russian resistance increased. Here, across the Terek River the 5th SS Panzergrenadier Division “Wiking” approached the town of Malgobek. This oil-producing town was turned into an impromptu fortress by the Russians who were hard pressed to prevent this much valued oil producing region to fall into German hands. The regiment “Nordland” comprised of mainly non German volunteers from Scandinavia and the Low countries was tasked with clearing the town. At 0500 as the morning fog lifted stukas heralded the assault. With oil storage tanks burning and under heavy Russian artillery fire the determined SS volunteers—many riding on the panzers for better mobility—penetrated the south west portion of the town. Grim fighting led by engineers helped breach the forward Russian fortifications. Suddenly the Russians counterattacked with lend-lease British Valentines. Despite heavy losses (the first panzer company had only a total of ten tanks remaining) the SS volunteers—Finns, Danes, and Norwegians grimly held on to their hard won gains by nightfall. Fighting for Malgobek and the surrounding area would continue for days to come. These “Vikings on the steppe” would soon see their hopes for seizing Grozny, their main objective soon fade as bad news began to come from the north. There was troubling developments in a city named Stalingrad that would eventually doom this German push for the oil of the Caucasus.

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