ASLComp VT England: Beda Fomm + Bir El Gubi Everyman Bundle

ASLComp VT England: Beda Fomm + Bir El Gubi Everyman Bundle
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    Once inside the fortress at Bardia, which covered many square miles, the British found it more open than the Italian camps in Egypt. The rear defenses were scattered and not mutually supporting. All along the Australian line of advance small actions developed between platoons of Australians, supported by Matildas, and individual Italian strong-points. Lieutenant Colonel V. T. England seemed to be everywhere, standing in his carrier and puffing on his pipe with a balaclava pulled over his head. There were still plenty of enemy shells flying about, so ‘B’ Company, 3rd Battalion, had to lay low for a time. The only other resistance encountered was an entrenched machine-gun which kept the Australians’ collective heads down until it could be winkled out. The Aussies decided to rush the machine-gun nest, but before they got very far, white flags poked up from the enemy trenches.

    This is a newly remastered historical map-based Beda Fomm historical module that depicts one of the most gallant feats of armored panache during World War II/

    >> Weekend special -- for 3-6 May 2024 you get the large, newly re-master historical map PLUS 280 Free, die-cut Italian North Africa MMC/SMC/SW PLUS 2 new format GEO 2024 boards for use with the module PLUS Bir El Gubi historical map + scenarios PLUS 88 counter 5/8 North Africa AFV sheet<<