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    From the Desert Rats site:

    "During the day as the British withdrew there was sporadic fighting which petered out by nightfall on 13th June. By the morning of 14th June the Division had formed itself in what was known as a Brigade Box - a formation much used in the desert where each unit could provide support to the others involved. However, this position was still in advance of the main allied lines."

    CH continues its exploration of the Battle of Normandy with the SECOND VILLERS-BOCAGE module 2: Khaki Knight-BRIGADE BOX. While adding to the large and in-priont Normandy collection, this module takes the action to where the British were hung out to dry, ahead of Allied lines .. and facing the elite Panzer units in Normandy, hell-bent on wiping them out to a man.

    Through the simulation metaphor we are able to examine military history down the the nuts and bolts - and that's what we do here. Along the way, you'll experience the Bocage of Normandy, inland as part of the larger effort to capture Caen - in a scope unlike any prior module to date. Bring your terrain analysis hat, as you will face the challenges of bocgae, slopes, streams, towns, important crossroads, and continue the story beyond Villers- Bocage.

    >> THE SPECIAL PRICE SHOWN ON THIS PAGE IS GOOD FOR THE WEEKEND OF 10-13 February 2023 AND includes a bonus publisher's choice counter sheet along with the module<<

    Requires ownership of the ASLRB, German, American and British Nationalities. Includes bonus counter sheet and the special price shown during the weekend of 10-13 February 2023.