ASLComp Disaster on the Steppe

ASLComp Disaster on the Steppe
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    Much has been written about the German travail that came to go down in the annals of military history as the Battle of Stalingrad. Far less concerning the heroics of their stalwart Eastern European allies, the Romanians. Yet, after the men of the 20th Infantry Division beat back a full-on attack by the Soviets, aimed at cracking the perceived ‘weakest’ link in the defense of Stalingrad on 31 November, the materiel and spiritual deprivation of continued privations in the doomed city did not apparently diminish the martial ardor of the defenders.

    The disaster that befell the Axis forces during the early winter of 1942 has barely been scratched on a tactical-level AND just begged to be released in continuation of our GEO 2024 map series - with Uranus scenarios AND a nice SPECIAL for the wekeend of 9-12 February 2024. Order this weekend and get FREE a sheet o 280 color die cut ROMANIAN MMC/SMC/SW + a sheet of 176 Russian and German AFVs and entrenchments - a total of 456 counters.