ASLComp Breakout Hill EVERYMAN Edition

ASLComp Breakout Hill EVERYMAN Edition
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    This is the classic showdown at Hill 192, above St Lo, in an EVERYMAN Edition - in  a larger hex map that will fit on the standard table + a pile of 9 scenarios, Special Rules and color folio.

    >> SPECIAL PRICE FOR THE WEEKEND OF 8-11 December 2023 ONLY and FREE COUNTERS FOR THAT WEEKEND AS FOLLOWS: 280 German Feldgrau MMC/SMC/SW + 280 Olive Drab American MMC/SMC/SW + 88 German Feldgrau AFV/Vehciles/Guns + 88 American Olive Drab AFV/Vehciles/Guns + 88 Feldgrau and Olive Drab 5/8" concealment counters + 140 Feldgrau and Olive Drab 1/2" concealment counters - THAT IS A COLLECTION OF 964 FREE COLOR DIE CUT COUNTERS.