ASLComp STURM-G: Last Stand 45

ASLComp STURM-G: Last Stand 45
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    Years ago we produced a set of modules depicting the last stand in Northern Germany during April 1945 -- picked right from the book "No Triumphant Procession." We were not the first to discover this fine tome or seek to recreate the actions depicted AND now we can be the LAST with this set of 10 Aller-1 -- themed scenarios PLUS 5 GEO 2024 BOARDS - that bring the action to the EVERYMAN series. Please note these are based on the premise and historical data from Aller 1.

    A small print run has been created, first come, first served, and you simply need your Germans and British, plus the ASLRB 2nd Edition and you are ready to play. No funky rules in tiny type, just heavy action on what we conaider the LAST WORD in geo boards for this hobby. We dare you to think otherwise when YOU get yours.

    *** ORDER DURING THE WEEKEND OF 5-8 April 2024 and get a FREE sheet of 280 classic creme British Commando MMC/SMC/SW to use with the scenarios.***