ASLComp Raus: Leningrad Everyman Edition

ASLComp Raus: Leningrad Everyman Edition
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    DOLGAYA, RUSSIA, 21 July 1941: The battles of 20 July had nearly depleted Kampfgruppe Raus’s ammunition supply. Only the tanks had almost enough remaining for normal operations. At 0930 on the 21st, a Luftwaffe fighter plane dropped a message canister to the bridgehead with the message that a Russian force of at least regimental strength had crossed the Luga to the east and was moving into a position to attack the Kampfgruppe from the rear. Raus had to make the tough decision to either send a strong armored force to the rear to attack this new enemy force, denuding the bridgehead in the face of three nearby enemy Proletariat formations that could launch fresh attacks at any moment. Worse, other than his tanks, Ruas’s soldiers were nearly out of ammunition. He also received word that the lead elements of the relief force, coming to his aid, had been stalled by a strong Russian force at the Dolgaya River.

    Early war Eastern Front action continues without letip for owners of LUGA > held at last weekend's special for one more weekend. You get a set of 9 maps, PLUS another Bonus set of 2 more geo boards - all used in the scenarios AND a bonus scenario PLUS 2 more sheets of counters to use with the scenarios.

    IMPORTANT: You will need to own LUGA - added to the catalog last week >> to use this product.