ASLComp RED Raritites 4

ASLComp RED Raritites 4
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    Almost three years to the day ago, Tank Porterfield’s RUSSIAN RARITIES hit the ground, in the form of the Steppes of the Eastern Front, with a clank and a bang. Unusual but historical AFVs, and other esoteric vehicles were pitted against their German enemies with intense, and heretofore never covered battles. As the series progressed, things moved to all new 11” × 16” boards, and a nice variety of them. RR2 and RR3 kept the series moving forward and collectors were provided terrain, tanks and situations to ponder over.

    Things are about to wrap up with RUSSIAN RARITIES IV: END OF THE 21ST TANK BRIGADE. If you guessed that more terrain was in the offing, tip your cap to, well, you! The module includes 5 new boards, as well as ten new, interesting scenarios. You also get a sheet of 88 5/8” counters to use with the new situations, a FREE Bonus sheet of 280 RED Russian MMC, plus Special Rules and a folio. Ownership of RR1 -2-3 is needed, and this is the FINAL RUSS-RARE module in the series.

    Modules providing German, Russian and U.S. Nationalities and the ASLRB are required to play. May substitute NAT Sets providing Germans and Russians instead of modules containing those Nationalities. Ownership of Russian Rarities 1 is required to use this product. This order represents the production of a custom made item and your order represents a contract for purchase and may not be canceled and ships upon completion. International orders will be notified of final postage prior to shipment.

    The publisher reserves the right to ADD additional components to this product. You will NEVER BE BILLED MORE for additions made after your order.