ASLComp Operation Lens Nord: Partisan Warfare on the Eastern Front

ASLComp Operation Lens Nord: Partisan Warfare on the Eastern Front
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    Operation Lenz Nord was conducted April 4th through April 13th in the area around Borisov, in the Gavja river valley, some of the actions involved the villages of Korkeyka, Zarinek, Starniki, Dworzez, and Zabashevichi. The area was thick forest, swamps, peat bogs, and many of the little villages were on low hills, like islands among the bogs and water logged forests.  Home the Partisan Regiment “Bolshevik” the Germans found a challenging adversary in the vast formidable terrain of central Russia.

    This is OPERATION LENS NORD: Partisan Warfare on the Eastern Front. It updates the map and situations from the former "Bandenkreig" - long, long overdue. This module is made for owners of CH's NATIONALITY Sets providing Waffen SS and Partisans - AND can be played by those that own any editions of modules that provide 5-2-7/3-3-7 Russiand and 5-4-8/4-4-7 SS MMCs. That's a wide latitude for compatibility - although we suggest you get at this with our NAT Sets - whether your choice of Partisan is 'Classic Russian' brown, or RED - and whether you are a Feldgrau, Blau or Black counter man. Freedom of choice is all about YOUR enjoyment.

    The scenarios are in colorized, updated format and the included batch covers actions from parts of Bandenkreig, plus new ones - and please note with the NAT Set approach, these are NOT the previous scenario OOBs. Plus, there's more BAGRATION ACTION on the map, color Special Rules in 3-hole format, newly remastered map, including some level changes/correction, the state of the art RETRO terrain art, deeper 'forest green' interior for Forests, and more. It's just better and new.

    These print upon ordering and are here and now. Includes the SUMMER version of the map.