ASLComp Leningrad 2: Thunder on the Luga

ASLComp Leningrad 2: Thunder on the Luga
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    Leningrad 2 continues the module series with another linking map set more counters, more scenarios, rules,

    The time is summer, 1941. Operation Barbarossa is in full swing, and action on the northern front brings the German 6th Panzer Division on the scene in a headlong rush for Leningrad ... the prize of Armeegruppe Nord. And YOU the tac-sim gamer are about to put over a dozen Pzkw 35(t) AFVs into the field at once ... and face down a determined Ivan ... armed with the Crème de la Crème of early Red Army armor: T-26/T-37/BT-5 tanks.

    Ownership of LENINGRAD 1 and the ASLRB, Russian and German nationalities needed. Can replace with CH's NAT Sets for Russian and Germans. Uses Classic BROWN Russians and Blau Germans.