ASLComp KRETA: Silk Graveyard

ASLComp KRETA: Silk Graveyard
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    When Kurt Student focused his attention on Unternehmen Merkur, the stage was set to introduce the world to the airfield at Heraklion, Crete. The defenders included British, Australian and Greek soldiers. The write up for the book by by Yannis Prekatsounakis says succinctly, “The Battle for Heraklion - an epic struggle - remained largely forgotten and widely unstudied. Yet the desperate fight for Heraklion had everything: street-fighting in the town; heroic attacks against well-fortified positions and medieval walls; heavy losses on all sides…”

    It's been seven long years since we set foot on the map of HERAKLION CRETA and it is high time the EVERYMAN becomes YOU - and that means this is a module you can play with yuor STANDARD German and British Nationalities - in keeping with the EVERYMAN program.

    You get 9 boards that are modular, and can be used in combinations to fit the scenarios or form one large battlefield + 8 scenarios, including the BIG ONE - PLUS the counter sheets proised below for those that order this weekend >> TWO sheets (one 8.5 x 11 another 5" x 8".

    The map is remastered - to current levels and some terrain fill changes we think you will like.

    **Order during the weekend of 8-11, 2024 and get a sheet of Classic Blau "?" markers AND a sheet of 280 German MMC/SMC/SW including 5-4-8/2-3-8 and 4-6-8/2-4-8 just waiting to get on the ground in the epic May 1941 jump-saster.**

    >>>>>>>>>SPECIAL EXTEDNED TO 15-19 MARCH 2024. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<