ASLComp JUNGLEERS Everyman Edition

ASLComp JUNGLEERS Everyman Edition
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    What happens when our legacy designs by Rick Troha, Steve Swann, Peter Shelling and others get ported to customized boards that do away with the need to use overlays AND utilize our new GEO 2024 maps? You get JUNGLEERS: Pacific Theater and in an EVERYMAN edition. Includes all the GEO 2024 boards you need to play >> ALL NEW BOARDS -- PLUS 12 PTO-themed scenarios.

    Ownership of the ASLRB, plus U.S., Japanese, Allied Minors and British Nationalities required to play this set of 12 scenarios. You get ALL the maps you need to play PLUS check the site page for SPECIAL bonus for this weekend. The title references the 41st Infantry Division, aka "Jungleers" and they are joined by a bunch of countries all up against the warriors of Imperial Japan.

    >> ORDER DURING THE WEEKEIND OF 12-15 April 2024 and receive the following FREE bonus: 280 color, die-cut Japanee Mustard MMC counters PLUS a sheet of collectible Digger/US/Japanese MMC, SMC AFVs and more - a total of 112 more 1/2" counters + 24 more 5/8" counters. <<

    >>> SPECIAL EXTENDED THROUGH WEEKEND OF 19-22 April 2024.<<<