ASLComp Hedgerow 14 DELUXE UBER Map Set

ASLComp Hedgerow 14 DELUXE UBER Map Set
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    Back when Hedgerow Hell came out, the DELUXE hex was viewed as the ultimate size for a no stacking, dertailed, granular tactical-level gaming experience.

    We are not here to disagree!

    In fact, the DELUXE hex size of 2.2" was nice, but the DELUXE UBER hex is even better - at 2.5" it comes in as the most to-scale hex in the genre. Ever/

    And for a limited time - as long as the page is up for each, YOU can collect maps from ALL 16 HEDGEROW SERIES modules - that is a whopping 342 boards. And with many scenarios playing on one board, or partials, you will never have another chance to experience hedgrerow hell ... at this scale.

    This is the DELUXE UBER Map Set for the listed Hedgerow module. They break down as follows: Hedgerow 1, 5, 8-16 have 3 maps, each map is 9 large hex boards - a total of 27 maps. Hedgerow 2-4, 6-7 have one map, provided as 9 large hex boards.

    WEEKEND of August 28-31, 2020 SPECIAL: Purchase 6 or more sets of the DELUXE UBER map sets and receive a full sheet of 5/8" Para Battles Vehicles/guns as our gift. Purchase 12 or more sets and ALSO receive a sheet of 280 Olive Drab US Infantry AND another sheet of 280 "?" and more in Olive Drab and Feldgrau.