ASLComp Gallabat and E. Africa EVERYMAN EDITION

ASLComp Gallabat and E. Africa EVERYMAN EDITION
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    With General De Simone's Raggruppamento Corazzato Africa Oriental driving into British Somaliland, the Sudanese Camel Corps deployed to cover the roads to Odweina and Hargeisa Despite the Sudan being practically defenseless, this 500-man unit had been stationed for the defense of the Somaliland border and commanded by Colonel Reginald Chater (Royal Marines) when the war started. Funds for mechanizing the unit and building defenses had also been approved, but squandered in a political morass. Thus, a mounted force more appropriate to the 19th century faced a semi-mechanized modern army.

    This was the war in Italian East Africa and beyond. For year a forgotten front, it has been chosen for the latest EVERYMAN EDITION for ASLers to present the new for 2024 geo board format, our largest, and he largest sheet-wise and hex-wise - and we consider it a real step forward in the state of the art.

    You get 12 scenarios on cards, a COLLECTION OF 8 NEW GEO BOARDS IN THE FORMAT YOU WILL SEE A LOT MORE OF GOING FORWARD. Unique and evocative terrain combinations and a play experience we think you will enjoy.

    ALL YOU NEED ARE YOUR STANDARD ASLRB, ITALIAN, BRITISH AND MNORS NATIONALITIES. That's what makes it EVERYMAN. During the weekend of 5-8 January 2024, get the special price shown at the page AND a sheet of 280 color, die cut counters depicting Ethopian and Askari MMC/SMC.