ASLComp Foy: Road to Bastogne

ASLComp Foy: Road to Bastogne
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    ASLComp FOY: Road to Bastogne depicts the desperate stand to hold the Germans off on the outskirts of Bastogne. The die was cast for a showdown at Bastogne by 1400 hours on December 18, 1944. That was when one of two blocking positions behind the 28th Division on the St. Vith-Bastogne road, this held by Task Force Rose, was overrun. The other, situated along the Wiltz-Bastogne road and held by Task Force Hayze, was overrun during the night of December 18-19. With their successes, German units at the tip of the “Rundstedt Offensive” spear were within three kilometers of the critical radial highway net at Bastogne. By holding here the American VIII Corps could thwart German aims to strike west to the line of the Meuse River.

    Foy to Noville, winterized map - see Friday EMailer of 15 March 2024.

    The timing was right as one of my own favorite modules was due to come back in an EVERYMAN Edition - and it is a rather extensive map area that includes the village of Foy. See the page for the 2 x 140 1/2" counter sheets bundled in free - Winter Germans and Americans to cut out and get right into action PLUS bonus scenarios the weekend of 15-19 March 2024. FREE counters in classic Blua and Chartreuse.