ASLComp ENHANCED NAT SET: Graveyard of Steel

ASLComp ENHANCED NAT SET: Graveyard of Steel
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    The first sets for ASLComp ENHANCED NAT SETS are here - and each features 8 maps, in the form of four 2-sided 18.25 × 12.25 geo boards PLUS 10 scenarios featuring the counters you long to break out and get firing.

    GRAVEYARD OF STEEL requires ownership of NAT SETS for US 2000, Red Army 1980-89, and TALIBAN/MUJAHIDEEN. THIS IS A SPECIALTY ORDER AND IN PRODUCTION AND MAY NOT BE CANCELED. As long as you see the page you can purchase your copy. This item ships upon completion and ships with the die cut counter run 1ST Q 2022 - it does not include counters - you need the listed NAT SETS and the ASLRB to play..

    Scenarios cover the wars in Afghanistan by the Soviet Union and United States.