ASLComp Capture of Balta EVERYMAN Edition

ASLComp Capture of Balta EVERYMAN Edition
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    This is the CAPTURE OF BALTA EVERYMAN EDITION. Action along the Kodyma, in August 1941.

    BALTA, UKRAINE, 3 August 1941: Russian soldiers continued moving between Balta and the railroad station south of the Kodyma. About a quarter of a mile east of the destroyed
    highway bridge at Balta, near a ford, 10 Russians were seen building a corduroy road on the north bank. Meanwhile, a reconnaissance squad of the 3rd Platoon, in a sunflower field, came under enemy fire, supported by a Russian tank, later seen to be withdrawing back to Balta. In the sun flower fields east of the town German small unit commanders found it difficult to observe Russian dispositions at the outskirts of Balta. A reconnaissance of the area was ordered, with German Lieutenant Kuehne issuing orders to probe enemy positions near a depression along the river, an ideal route of advance for the company. A surprise attack launched from the farmhouse at the corner of Balta seemed the best approach. Following their recon, German commander Ehrhardt drew up his plan of attack to capture Balta proper.

    Includes 12 mapboard map, 9 scenarios AND 3 Bonus scenarios that all play on the Balta map AND if you order during the weekend of 25-28 August 2023, get 560 FREE color die-cut counters including Romanian Personnel and SW + Russian Personnel and SW to hammer it all out.