ASLComp Bushido EVERYMAN Edition

ASLComp Bushido EVERYMAN Edition
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    This is the last word on TARAWA - the massive module experience launched in 2015. The island of Buariki, the northernmost in the atoll that included infamous Betio, would not fall quietly. It was a battle at the company level that saw bitter fighting and it DEMANDS recreation. For the first time, the Buariki map is presented, plus as a special bonus - ALL THE COMBAT COUNTERS NEEDED TO PLAY from the Tarawa collection. Three sheets of counters and the large Buariki map (it uses standard size hexes). A set of scenarios and special rules plus a color folio.

    >> SPECIAL BONUS: Order during the weekend of 13-17 June 2024 and receive 560 color, die cut Japanese and U.S. Personnel counters to fight it all out with.