ASLComp Capture of Balta MONSTER Map Set

ASLComp Capture of Balta MONSTER Map Set
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    THIS IS THE MONSTER MAP SET - includes free batch of scenarios and rules if you buy all 4 GIGANTE ROMANIAN NAT Sets the weekend of 28-31 January 2022.

    If you go as far back as the publisher - you too gazed at that very advert. And experienced the colorful result - in the form of the blue Germans, 'Crayola Yellow" Russians ... the set of unmounted paper boards 1-2-3-4, to correct the off-size hexes by AH .. and gazed upon board 5 for the first time with loving eyes. This was all before whiny men were invented, so you celebrated and enjoyed with your F-t-F buddies and cracked on with it.

    And still crack on in the same spirit no doubt.

    So if you share the, uh, 'vintage' of the publisher .. you likely got drawn in by 'The Capture of Balta', the COI geo scenario. Big tournament champ Steve P. was credited as designer in the respectful ode to it, expanded but still tied to geo-ness of AH vintage ... circa 1994 and scenario CH2.

    It is hoped you gaze upon your bride with the same interest we find compels us back to CMH-104-22-1, and the account of this battle. It is this unbroken gaze, and the desire to bring "Small Unit Tactics" to life with HISTORICAL MAPS ... that has resulted in SMALL UNIT ACTIONS 1: CAPTURE OF BALTA. Each module in this series will include a historical map and battle from CMH 104-22-1  If you own any Russian/German counters (although we do suggest NAT Set Red or Feldgrau of course) you are good to go.