ASLCom Blood on the Steppe

ASLCom Blood on the Steppe
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    Between Alexeyevka and Ilinka, Russia, 18 January 1943: The Hungarian 1st Field Armored Division was an ad-hoc formation, created during January 1942 for Fall Blau, the offensive planned for that year in the direction of Stalingrad. By the time Axis forces were rolling east once again, the Division had been equipped with 84 Pzkw 38(t), 5 Pzkw II, and 18 Pzkw IV, of which four were armed with the long-barreled KwK L/43 gun. On 7 July 1942, the Magyars of the Hungarian Royal 2nd Army reached the Don river, south of Voronezh, where they were to replace the German 19th Panzer division. Despite pulling back behind the protection of the shallow river, the Soviets held three major bridgeheads on the west bank of the Don, at Uriv, Korotojak, and Shchuchye. Learning on the job, Hungarian tankers, in their Panzer 38(t) and IVs waited until the T-34s fired. As the crew was temporarily blinded by smoke, the Hungarians moved around the flanks. When the storm known as the Ostrogozshk-Rossosh operation, the portion of Little Saturn aimed at the Hungarians, the 1st would find itself in the midst of a swirling battle. As the situation deteriorated, Axis units began pulling back from the Don prior to the order for a general withdrawal. The successful fighting battles of parts of the Hungarian 1st Field Armored Division and the possession of Alexeyevka and Ilinka between 18 and 21 January made it possible for troops and trains retreating, partially in disorder, to make it to the west and temporary safety. By 24 January 24, the positions in Alexeyevka ceased to exist. Nine thousand died during the fighting, another nine thousand surrendered, and 12,000 were able to break out of the cauldron.

    The disaster that befell the Axis forces during the early winter of 1943 has barely been scratched on a tactical-level AND just begged to be released in continuation of our GEO 2024 map series - with Operation Little Saturn scenarios AND a nice SPECIAL for the weekend of 23-26 February 2024. Order this weekend and get FREE a sheet of 280 color die cut HUNGARIAN MMC PLUS the 5 newly mastered, large hex winterized GEO 2024 boards and a SPECIAL PUBLISHER'S CHOICE counter sheet - a minimum of 632 color, die-cut counters (hint: Russians!)