ASLComp Axis: Bitter End

ASLComp Axis: Bitter End
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    Following the defection of Romania to the allied cause, Hungary was in desperate straits. The Hungarian 2nd Army was to attempt the nearly hopeless task of stopping the Romanian and Russian forces from seizing Transylvania. The Romanian 4th Army, supported by the  5th Guards Tank Corps forced a crossing of the Aranyos, 3 kilometers east of Torda on September 14. Heavy fighting over the next week contained the Allied bridgehead, until a crisis developed on the 22nd of September. The Romanian 7th and 18th infantry divisions, supported by Russian armor fought there way into eastern Torda from the Sos glen during a violent counterattack against the Hungarian 25th infantry and 2nd armored divisions. The 25th reconnaissance battalion was cut off in the glen, and was rescued by the 1st battalion, supported by the 2nd battery of the 10th Assault Artillery. The six Zrinyi-II assault guns, led by Captain Janos Bozsoki, cleared the eastern edge of Torda, scattered the Romanian infantry, and then attacked the Soviet armor. The gun battery successfully went on to knock out eighteen T-34’s and enemy assault guns, while losing only three of his own vehicles (all of which were recovered).  Captain Bozsoki would be awarded the Gold Medal of Valor for his actions in preventing Torda from being encircled.

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