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    ANOTHER BRAND NEW SET OF WINTER GEO EDITIONS >> IS HERE! And what a collection it is! The largest individual collection of geomorphic boards in the history of the hobby marches on AND brings myriad new terrain to attack and defend ... and analyze to your heart’s content. Each full board is provided in the form of two 8” × 11” half-boards that literally double the play and design options while avoiding annoying tears and rips of seams. This collection of geo boards creates ten all new 8” × 22” boards and can also be used as 20 separate maps, with multiple geomorphic sides.

    What’s more, the collection has only just begun! More Winter Geo boards are ready to create the largest tactical-level geo board collection ever for ASLComp gamers. You can use these boards as replacements for earlier ASLComp scenarios, a big part of the approach. To make things even more fun, and fresher, while retaining the RETRO feel of it all ... new SWEET 16 SCENARIO PACKS are available, from early CH archives going back 15+ years in most cases. ASLComp hobbyists can use these boards and their system of choice for unlimited hours of play, unlimited geomorphic combinations ... and to turn back the clock and be a kid again, poring over every nuance of the interlocking terrain while examining force potential, lines-of-sight ... and that ‘perfect’ defense (or attack!) Note: The part of the board with hexrows A-Q is the ‘a’ half whenever referenced via SSR. The ‘b’ half is R-GG.