ASLComp Wake: Gallant Stand

ASLComp Wake: Gallant Stand
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    Early on the morning of 11 December 1941 the garrison of Wake Island, with the support of the four remaining Wildcats, repelled the first Japanese landing attempt by the South Seas Force, which included the light cruisers Yubari, Tenryu, and Tatsuta; the destroyers Yayoi, Mutsuki, Kisaragi, Hayate, Oite, and Asanagi; two Momi-class destroyers converted to patrol boats (Patrol Boat No. 32 and Patrol Boat No. 33), and two troop transport ships containing 450 Special Naval Landing Force troops. This encounter began the battle that is both famous beyond fame and depicted in WAKE: GALLANT STAND.

    You get a stirring map of the embattled atoll, plus all the combat counters you need to play, are included in this substantial module. Marines in early war uniforms, Japanese naval troops, new aircraft, rafts, and patrol boats. Also included are color, 3-hole punched rules and Chapter H style notes, and all scenarios in color format.

    But this module means so much more! It has never been gamed at this scale and is not planned to be. Strike that! It IS HERE and you can nail it NOW. The counter collection provides ALL of the combat counters you need to play and is a diverse and colorful collection with new art including those Japanese naval troops, also construction worker volunteers, naval personnal ... just bring your ASLRB and markers and get your hands on a good book about the battle. Then lay out the looong island map (it will fit on a standard six foot gaming table ... and when you hover above that map, covered in counters .... we think you will enjoy the spectacle!)

    Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.