ASLComp Überfox 2: Beyond El Agheila

ASLComp Überfox 2: Beyond El Agheila
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    It's been eight long years since the ASLComp Afrikakorps series has been out of print and the Desert Fox himself just sent a beacon from Vahalla - with the words en clair: "zat vill not stant!"

    And the wily old fox's timing could not be better - as the ATS guys are getting their mitts on the largest, most comprehensive set of map and overlays ever: the Tobruk Übre Alles set. Since ASLComp AK was based on the old, earlier and much small version of that map and overlay set - the time for  a re-launch - in ÜBER SIZE, all updated terrain art ... is NOW.

    Here's how it works: Each set of scenarios has a theme - and you need the MASSIVE - it is just massive, no other way to put it - board and overlay set - to play them ALL. No need to own ALL sets - get the themes you want. Hint: The Desert Fox says roll past El Agheila and attack - by nailing the ALL - it's a limited print run set.

    EACH set comes with a colorful cover that doubles as frame-able WW II art - as each has a discrete Uberfox watermark, and is otherise a full bleed, watercolor piece of art - as shown.

    Überfox 2 is all about Rommel's offensive into Cyrenaica and includes 8 scenarios in color format with custom military art.