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    Moltke Bridge, Berlin, Germany, 29 April 1945: On the evening of April 28 the 79th Rifle Corps reached the Spree River in force. The corps commander, Major General S.N. Perevertkin, set up his forward headquarters in an upper floor of the customs building so he could personally direct the attack across the Moltke Bridge and to the Reichstag beyond. As night fell, both sides prepared for the battle ahead. The Red Army brought up tanks and direct fire artillery to support the shock battalions designated to storm the bridge. The Germans used the time to bring up some naval infantry as reinforcements and to zero in any remaining guns on the bridge. Before the attack started, the Russians were able to clear one of the roadblocks off the bridge using heavy tanks. At midnight and without any preliminary barrage, the two assault battalions stormed onto the bridge as the supporting guns and tanks fired across the Spree into the German defenders. The SS defenders laid down brutal small arms, MG, and AT-gun fire on the troops now caught in the wire on the southern barricade. Several rockets fell on the tanks and guns supporting the attack, causing additional casualties. With the infantry pinned down on the bridge, more tanks were sent in and met with fire from the Zoo Flak Tower and Tigers from the 503rd brought up from the Tiergarten. The torrent of destruction that fell on the bridge wrecked both vehicles and men. Additional infantry not able to use the knocked out tanks as cover were able to gain a small bridgehead in the nearest buildings in the Diplomatic Quarter. Dawn found the entire area shrouded in the smoke from the battle the night before, and the surviving assault troops were one step closer to the prize of the Reichstag.

    BERLIN ÜBER MONSTER OPTION: combines both BERLIN MONSTER titles into one that gives you everything listed [EXC: One unique cover is provided for UBER].


    • Everything listed in BERLIN I and II MONSTER EDITIONS. Whew!