A Few Rare Men

A Few Rare Men
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    THULIN, BELGIUM, 23 May 1940: The Allies of 1940 labored under the misconception that their German contemporaries would once again use the Schlieffen Plan of 1914 fame. This notion led to the need to defend Holland, as well as Antwerp, and the choice of ‘Plan D,’ commonly known as the Dyle Plan, so named for the small river east of Brussels which Allied forces would close to in the event of a German invasion. The Dyle Plan placed the French 43rd Infantry Division in the Maubeuge sector. On May 17, 1940, the unit was routed by the 5th Panzer Division and withdrew to Bavay. Part of the division, the 158e RI and 12e RA fell back to the north of Maubeuge, behind enemy lines and isolated. Their only hope was to reach Valencienne, breaking the encirclement. Of the two surrounded battalions of the 158e, one was not able to break the German ring. Only the III/158e and the 3rd Company of the 10e BCP were able to extract themselves, reaching Thulin on May 23rd. Spirits were still high in the unit, but supplies were low. The French soldiers arrived in the village on foot, hoping to find supplies and ammunition to replenish their depleted stocks. Upon arriving on the outskirts, the ranking officer, Colonel Pucinelli, ordered his men to seize the village, surprising and capturing some troops of Aufklarung Abteilung 269 halted there.

    This is A FEW RARE MEN, a scenario pack built around the cool 1940 scenarios designed by UKer Phil Nobo. His scenarios are cool for a simple reason: PHIL IS COOL. And they cover esoteric, early-war topics, with just that right balance, and piece density. A BONUS FREE counter sheet of random early war MMC or AFVs is provided, but this pack is for owners of British/French/Germans and the ASLRB. INCLUDES A BONUS GEO BOARD IN SWEET 16 FORMAT!