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    LIGNEUVILLE, BELGIUM, 19 December 1944: Locked at the bottom of a steep slope leading down from the Baugnez road junction, the little town of Ligneuville— known as Engelsdorf by the Germans—was occupied by the 49th AAA Brigade HQ along with company kitchens, supply trucks and some troops and tanks of the 9th Armored Division doing repair work on tank tracks. Suddenly in the early afternoon, a tankdozer came racing down the hill at breakneck speed announcing imminent danger. As sounds of battle were heard coming from somewhere to the north, General E. J. Timberlake and his staff decided to leave at once. The incredulous officer in charge of the 9th Armored supply column went up the hill to investigate and was captured while standing face to face with German tanks. The remnants of Peiper’s forward elements drove through the town without any problem and took their objective: the bridge across the Amblève. When Peiper's engineers began to check the bridge for demolition charges, American machine-gunners caused several casualties. While the tanks reduced this rather light opposition, a few other German vehicles entered the town, including Peiper in a halftrack. A Panther was suddenly hit and destroyed by a hidden Sherman on a side street. Two halftracks were also destroyed before the troublemaker was eventually knocked out. Peiper himself had to hide when the halftrack he was riding in entered the field of fire.

    This is PURPLE HEART PACK -- provided to each participant at the upcoming NY ASL® CHAMPIONSHIP -- and made available here in the event ANY of our customers that can't make the trip to Albany wish to have one.

    Each participant will receive a 'Purple Heart I Heart NY Bulge Mini Module' as a free gift just for making the trip to the Empire State. This incentive is being provided by Critical Hit, Inc. as a New York Corporation in good standing for over 20 years and to thank the event organizers for bringing commerce to our state. Critical Hit, Inc. has provided jobs to Americans through its creation of original boardgame products and publications since inception through its manufacturing.efforts.

    The gift set will be bagged, and includes a full-color cardstock folder-style wrap, 4 scenarios (one two 2-sided cards) in color format using original military art created by CH, and 2 × folding AP-style geo boards (one piece folding boards) in 'winterized' format In keeping with the season, all scenarios have Battle of the Bulge themes AND can be played using standard modules (i.e., ownership of KGP is not required; that said, the original designer of one of the scenarios is Philippe Leonard, designer of KGP [and once a week-long overnight guest in my home]).

    See below for a screen shot. The scenarios will also provide another opportunity to use the new winter-garbed color MMC/SMC counters provided in the brand new Huertgen Forest/Schmidt releases (and can also be played using their standard Americans).


    • >> Two AP-style folding winterized geo boards
    • >> 4 Scenarios in color format on two cards.
    • >> Color folio style wrap