Pork Chop Hill 2016

Pork Chop Hill 2016
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    ‘IRON TRIANGLE’ OUTPOST PORK CHOP HILL, KOREA 6 July 1953: At 1025 hours on the night of July 6th a massive artillery and mortar barrage preceded an onslaught by 700 soldiers from the CCF 200th Regiment, 67th Division. The sounds from the crashing shells concealed the oncoming Chinese, until they burst forward in what was described as “a moving carpet of yelling, howling men--whistles and bugles blowing, their officers screaming like women driving their men uphill.” In a bunker CP just beneath the crest of the hill Corporal Dale W. Cain heard his radio come alive with reports of “enemy in large numbers”. Company A reported hand-to-hand fighting in the trenches. The battle was fought in a driving monsoon rain, making evacuation of the wounded difficult, as well as re-supply. As the battle swayed back and forth, the Chinese made repeated pushes to take the hill while both sides unleased a storm of artillery fire upon the struggling soldiers. During the course of two days, parts of four companies defended Pork Chop. At dawn on July 8th, the rain ended for a time and the initial defenders were withdrawn. The defenders counted nine enemy assaults during the night of July 6-7. By 11 July General Taylor reluctantly decided to abandon Pork Chop Hill. As had been the case on Old Baldy, Taylor could not justify risking more lives for a hill that was of minimal strategic significance. The armistice was finally just around the corner.

    We heard what you wanted and here it is AND then some. Here you have the opportunity to get your HEROIC 1-4-9 self on to one of the harshest, steepest, most bitterly fought-over (not to mention Gregory Peck movie-famous) battlefields of the 20th Century. This is not your mother's Pork Chop - it's a newly remastered > really NEW as the terrain has changed in some instances, not to mention the retro art and then some > AND THE MAP IS about 120% ENLARGED! It makes for an amazing battlefield! You receive a 'lucky 7' set of scenarios that ALL play on the new map, covering a good 100+ hours plus of gaming > and a free publishers choice counter sheet.. YOU WILL NEED TO OWN THE NEW RIDGE RUNNERS OF TOKTONG PASS TO PLAY THIS MODULE - plus your ASLRB and modules providing Americans and Russians. Color folio also included.

    NOTE: THIS IS A VERY LIMITED PRINT RUN and as long as you see the page you can reserve your copy. This module ships the week of March 1, 2016.