ASLComp Nationality Set 7 - Summer 1942 Russian REDS

ASLComp Nationality Set 7 - Summer 1942 Russian REDS
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    Years ago... those other guys brought you a set of noir counters to present Nationality A25.11 for ASLers (soldier starring on the cover of the ASLRB; large circle top). Some have been clamoring for a full OOB ever since and we are in the business of listening to our customers. Needless to say, we are here to please -- and here come the Nationality Sets accordingly. Please note: World War II included the GOOD GUYS and the BAD GUYS. We will represent them all, and let the cardboard gods sort them out.

    To that end, a BRAND new NATIONALITY SET A25.11 is now here to nail. It consists of:

    >> 2 × 280 ½" counters for MMC/SMC/SW for 6-5-8/3-4-8/Ldrs/SW/ and '?' markers in ½" size

    >> 3 × 176 5/8" counter sheets of AFVs/Vehicles/Guns and large '?' counters.

    NOTE: THIS IS A VERY LIMITED PRINT RUN and as long as you see the page you can reserve your copy. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Note: Partisans will be receiveing their own Nat Set -- these are Russians (A25.2) only.