ASLComp Juno Beach: Remember Dieppe!

ASLComp Juno Beach: Remember Dieppe!
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    ASLComp JUNO BEACH: Remember Dieppe! covers the Canadian attack on Juno Beach on D-Day 6th June 1944. The beach spanned from Courseulles, a village just east of the British beach Gold, to Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer, just west of the British beach known as "Sword".

    Vaux, 6 June 1944: The right flank of the Canadian attack was to be secured by the Canadian Scottish, C Company was to land with the assault waves. Most of the Company was to cross the beach and secure Vaux chateau and the associated hamlet inland. Meanwhile one platoon was to set off along the beach and eliminate a gun casement that dominated the landing area. Minimal opposition was expected so the Scots were not given any armoured support. As the Landing ships approached the Normandy coast a piper played "Will Ye No Come Back Again"

    THIS IS A LARGE MODULE and includes ALL the combat counters you need to play the scenarios included plus a BONUS CG (that requires additional copies of the counter sheets/owner ship of Gold or Sword Beach). What's more, the counter collection included provides the Canaidans in KHAKI and the Germans in FELDGRAU and new poses have been created just for this product, never used before! You get 5 sheets of 8½" × 11" color, die cut counters, 20 maps, color, 3-hole Special Rules that expand on the OMAHA presenation (and are stand alone; there is no need to own OMAHA), 8 scenarios, landing play aids, color folio and more!

    NOTE: You read that right, 20 maps!

    NOTE: THIS IS A VERY LIMITED PRINT RUN and as long as you see the page you can purchase your copy in advance. Allow about 6-8 weeks for delivery or until module completion.