ASLComp Gold Beach: Magnificent Days

ASLComp Gold Beach: Magnificent Days
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    ASLCompGOLD BEACH: "Magnificient Days" covers the British attack on Gold Beach on D-Day 6th June 1944. It focuses on the actions of the 231st British brigade, which provided the beach assault battalions at Jig beach; also included is a scenario detailing the assault on King Green beach by the 6th Green Howards of the 69th Brigade.

    La Hamel, June 6th 1944: WN-37, La Hamel was on the far right of Gold beach. A frontal assault against the fortifications would prove costly and probably fruitless, to the east the Germans had flooded the area just inland of the dunes. "A" Company 1st Hampshires, with Armour and Engineer support would land, secure the beach and clear a path through the dunes, "B" company would then pass through, advance inland, turn right and attack la Hamel from the East. The landing did not go as planned. The supporting artillery and air bombardment failed to suppress WN-37. The infantry and half the breaching squadrons LCT were pushed the east and landed well away from WN 37. Lastly all but two of the LCT carrying the supporting Royal Marines Centaurs failed to arrive. Thus only five LCT closed on the beach close to le Hamel at Zero, three with the Breaching squadron's tanks and the supporting Royal Engineers and two with the Royal Marines Centaurs. LCT 886, carrying I breaching squadron closest to le Hamel was repeatedly hit and was disabled with many casualties, it was thus unable to unload its tanks or disembark its engineers. The remaining tanks became bogged down on the beach or in the dunes, were knocked by AT fire or disabled in the minefield. The Engineers only cleared of few of the beach obstacles before they were forced to seek shelter in the dunes. The landing had been a disaster, the attack on WN-37 was stalled.

    Gold Beach sector stretched between the fortified seaside villages of La Hamel in the West and LA Rivierier in the East; in between on the coast were several other fortified localities which guarded roads leading inland across the marshy area immediately behind the beach. Immediately to the south of the beach was lateral road which ran between the two fortified villages, at some points this road ran alongside the sea front, in other places it was several hundred yards inland. The various strong-points (WN) along the beach were garrisoned by men from the 716th and 352nd German Divisions.

    THIS IS A LARGE MODULE and includes ALL the combat counters you need to play the scenarios included plus a BONUS CG (that requires additional copies of the counter sheets/owner ship of Sword Beach). What's more, the counter collection included provides the British in KHAKI and the Germans in FELDGRAU and new poses have been created just for this product, never used before! You get 5 sheets of 8½" × 11" color, die cut counters, 4 maps, color, 3-hole Special Rules that expand on the OMAHA presenation (and are stand alone; there is no need to own OMAHA), 8 scenarios, landing play aids, color folio and more!

    UPDATE: Module increased to 18 maps! OWNERSHIP OF ASLCOMP SWORD BEACH REQUIRED TO PLAY - PLUS YOUR ASLRB, and modules providing German and British Nationalities.

    NOTE: THIS IS A VERY LIMITED PRINT RUN and as long as you see the page you can purchase your copy in advance. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.