Gates of Hell ASLComp

Gates of Hell ASLComp
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    Open the GATES OF HELL AND PLAY ON THE LARGEST KURSK BATTLEFIELD EVER PUBLISHED AT THIS SCALE: Our Ponyri: Devil's Domain rolled the Elephants into the heart of downtown and now the battle just got escalated to include two new linking mapsheets that create one massive Eastern Front conflagration ... on your gaming table. The maps link 'long-ways' and that means you will deploy your forces across a rollicking six foot long × four foot deep spread when you combine the two games. You will NOT need to own Devil's Domain to play GOH (but you'll want to!)

    GATES includes a new set of scenarios, as many as any stand-alone module. You also receive a brand new COLOR die-cut counter collection in Eastern Front camo and colors for both sides ... all the combat counters you need to play, just bring your own markers! And to keep things in command, a separate DEVIL'S DOMAIN UPGRADE KIT is being made available with a new set of counters for that product PLUS a MONSTER scenario that covers ALL FOUR maps ... DD + GOH. And since Devil's Domain is SOLD OUT and out of print, we'll make a new edition available so no one has to miss out on the action at one of the most hotly contested battlefields in Eastern Front history.


    • A set of scenarios that depict the battle, sized small, medium and large!
    • Three separate full counter sheets providing Russian and German MMC/SMC counters + vehicle/Guns/aircraft, all the combat counters and new Emplacement types needed to play the module, just bring your ASLRB and standard marker counters! Ownership of BV needed.
    • Three hole punched special rules pages
    • Two historical maps created using hard boards that link to one another and also link to the maps of PONYRI: DEVIL'S DOMAIN. NOTE: All scenarios play on the maps provided.
    • Play aid.