Gettysburg: Turning Point 1863 ASLComp

Gettysburg: Turning Point 1863 ASLComp
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    It's been a long time coming. Others tried, failed and said it couldn't be done. We respectfully did not agree -- and here comes the result: the Battle of Gettysburg in tactical-level format for ASLers. YOU play a part as this set gives you everything you need to play, just bring your ASLRB and standard system markers -- and a thirst for the era.

    Over 700+ new color die-cut counters, sporting new Civil War art from one of the best illustrators of the genre. Easy-to-use Special Rules. A set of scenarios that all play on the McPherson's Ridge and Bliss Farm maps -- all provided like an old AH game with 2 or more folding panels, no more flimsy paper, ripped seams, puffy, counter'bouncing. Your cat will NOT end the War Between the States with one leap! No, YOU will fight it out to the bitter end, brother against brother. This product does more than meets the eye. It is the core module to get you into Civil War gaming without having to learn a new system -- without having to paint a pile of miniatures (not that we don't think that is a great idea!)

    More maps and battles of Gettysburg and other Civil War battlefields are not 'coming soon'. They .... are .... here ... in the form of Devil's Den and Into the Wheatfield. And next up ... Pickett's Charge!


    • > Four sheets of color die-cut counters as shown on this ordering page
    • > Color special rules in 3-hole format
    • > Two new maps, McPherson's Ridge and Bliss Farm -- board style with new art
    • A set of COLOR scenarios that all play on the boards provided
    • > Color wrap packaging
    • > NEW color cardstock Civil War 2-sided QRDC Play Aid!