ASLComp Gazala MONSTER Geo Set

ASLComp Gazala MONSTER Geo Set
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    As the morning of 27th May dawned the 8th Panzer Regiment under Lieutenant Teege led Rommel’s wide sweep around the British southern flank at Bir Hacheim. With one hundred and eighty tanks, the regiment was arrayed in spearhead formation with the first section moving forward on a wide front of one and one half miles by about a mile deep. At about 0715 hours, the call rang out in the headsets, “Enemy armor, twelve o’clock!” A British lieutenant of the 8th Hussars also dryly noted enemy armor to his regimental HQ by radio. “It looks as if Jerry’s come with a Panzer brigade,” only to correct himself moments later. “There’s more than a brigade, its the whole bloody Afrika Korps. Alert! Alert!”

    And thus began the historic Battle of Gazala. It was May of 1942, Hitler’s armies were still the masters of Europe, with more conquests to come. And yet YOU, tactical-level gamer and WOA devotee ... has only experienced this battle in ‘penny packets’, a tank here, two tanks there. Until NOW. Because the GAZALA MONSTER is here to rescue you from never being able to cross off, ‘big, real Western Desert warfare experience’ ... from your bucket list. Imagine the old Tobruk orders-of-battle ... with all of their one-to-one representations ... then knife forward with your formations of 10, no 15, wait add in Troop Leaders and panzer leaders ... and make that 17 AFVs ... in a full-blown presentation that gives you ALL of the tanks, guns and men (i.e., all combat counters; just bring your ASLRB and markers) ... and the playing area to duke it out in.

    The set also debuts the first collection of 11” × 16” folding AP-style DESERT GEO boards and a selection of overlays to go with them. And color special rules, plus scenarios in color format.