Fox Strike Back: El Alamein Core Pack

Fox Strike Back: El Alamein Core Pack
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    THE FOX STRIKES BACK CORE PACK: EL ALAMEIN: The Desert Fox Erwin Rommel isn't done yet and he is not planning on laying over in Tripoli until summer … when the boss gets his Barborossa rolling. Quite the contrary, the Fox plans to strike out … past Agedabia and beyond, and has ordered a new set of Tobruk-themed overlays that work on the new Desert Geo Board, color scenarios, and a sheet of bonus counters from the Afrikakorps releases. And that's what you'll get: a new set of color overlays + 4 Desert Geo Boards + 8 El Alamein scenarios in color format (from ASLComp Afrikakorps 1- remastered, new art, errata input and using Geo + overlays) + BONUS counter sheet from the AK collection.


    • A new set of color desert overlays + 4 Geo Desert Boards
    • 8 Scenarios in color format set at El Alamein
    • A FREE bonus copy of the North Africa AFV counter sheet from ASLAFRIKAKORPS
    • New color cover